Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I trust you?

A: Yes! This is a genuine act of contibuting to a charity I care about, so please trust me. Contact me if you don't believe me!

Q: Why War Child?

A: I have two young children who do not realise how lucky they are growing up in leafy Berkshire. I wanted to do something for those kids who were less fortunate. This article gave me a good overview of how War Child are helping out.

Q: How does this work?

A: Each time I refer you to Amazon (ie. you start your Amazon search from this site), and you continue on to buy something, a small sum is paid to me. At the end of Jan 2017, hopefully this site will have raised some good funds for War Child. I will donate whatever has been earned through the website. I am also hopeful that the company I work for will match my donation! They don't know this yet though. After that, who knows.. maybe it will carry on!

Q: How often does your total update?

A: I try to update the Total Raised text each day.

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